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Tune Up Tips Volume 1: Solid State Drive

Tune Up Tips Vol 1: Solid state drive

Does your computer feel like it is running slow? It is time to do the largest performance upgrade to your computer regardless of age. A SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade is the #1 must do! Converting to a SSD will reduce the startup/shutdown time, cut program loading time, and decrease the amount of time it takes to move files from one location to another on your device. In most cases the read and write ability increases by about 4X.
A standard HDD (Hard Disk Drive) can read anywhere from 50 MB/s to 120 MB/s. Even the slowest SSD drive is well above that limit. The read and write capabilities for a SSD range from 200MB/s to 550MB/s. That is over 10x faster in some of our test setups.
Here is a real-world bench marks that show you what an SSD can do! The left side is the standard HDD. The right side is the same computer after a SSD clone was completed.
-Pentium Dual Core 2.7Ghz processor
-4GB of RAM.
-Windows 10
You can see that even on a computer built sometime in 2009 area, the level of performance of the SSD is HUGE! Not to mention that this also replaces one of the most common failing parts in an older computer.
Beyond the giant leap in performance a SSD drive also consumes about ½ the power, is not affected by magnetism, and is silent due to no moving parts. 
If you’re interested in purchasing or knowing more, we at XpertPC+ have SSDs for as low as $99 and would love to help you find which would best suit your computer!

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